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My site has an all new look.   I hope you like it.   Both genealogies have been updated and are located on the genealogy page.   The photo page also links to both families.   Check it out!
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Welcome to my personal home page.   Professionally, I am an actuary, although my first career was teaching mathematics.   Mathematics in one form or another is one of the common professions that occur in our family tree.   However, I do not know if it is more common than would be due to chance.   My hobbies include computers, reading romance novels, photography and genealogy.   This web site is devoted primarily to my genealogy hobby.   The primary family names in my tree are ANK(I)ER, BIGOS, KARMELEK (CARMEL or KARMEL in the US) and PERLSTADT on my mother's side, and BIRGARDOVSKY (DAVIS in the US),EDELBERG, HITE (KHAIT) and PERCHIK (MEYER(S) in the US) on my father's side.
For first time visitors, I highly recommend starting with the dedication page.   This page has a surprising bit of computer history in it.
The philosophy page reflects my attitude towards life as well as my approach to genealogy.
Jim is my beloved husband.   The genealogy page now is the gateway to both his amd my genealogy.   It also has my family stories and a collection of genealogy links.   Look for more changes to come here, with a potential of a search box.
The photos page currently has some of the oldest family photos.   This page has links to photos from both my family and my husband Jim's family..   It also has photo mysteries from my family.
Irene's afghans Irene was Jim's mother and a fabulous knitter.   There are knitting patterns and photos here.   When she retired as a teacher, she and her husband James gave knitting clincs around the country..
Our Professional Sites can be reached through this page,   Don't forget to come back via your back button.
Please explore the site and enjoy it.  Write me with any solutions to the mysteries, comments or other suggestions.   See my contact page for more information. I regret to announce that the guest book site is no longer available.
My son Isaac is responsible for the wonderful Spanish version of this site.  Thank you, Isaac!   He translated all of the site except for the genealogy data pages, which were produced in Spanish as well as English by the Ged4Web program.

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